Who we are

Our crafted legacy stems from 1977, when a group of residents from the Saanich Peninsula started Peninsula Co-op. Driven by a shared belief in community and cooperative values, they embarked on a journey with the simple goal of serving, supporting and connecting their neighbours. The spirit of that inaugural year is the inspiration in our liquor stores, but it’s not just about savouring the past. It’s about inviting people to craft memorable moments, one sip at a time, while pouring love back into our community. We’re a different kind of business. And that difference begins with membership.

Our spirits


We deliver excellent customer service through personalized attention and curated recommendations from our knowledgeable and approachable teams who embody our core values.


We enrich our customers’ experiences by providing them with inspirational ideas, educational product insights and captivating stories from local drink crafters, all within the nostalgic atmosphere of the 77’ era.


We are authentically local, creating strong connections within our Vancouver Island communities. We’re not like any other business – we are committed to making a positive impact, whether it’s supporting charities, creating jobs or sharing our success with our members.