It pays to be a member. Join today and claim what's yours!

Earn money back on all your purchases.

Our profits are your profits. When you become a Peninsula Co-op member, you become an owner in your local Co-op. As owners, members receive a portion of all profits earned each year. Peninsula Co-op members earned 5% on their liquor purchases. So become a member today and claim what’s yours.

Help shape our future

Our members are owners. They can participate in the democratic process by asking questions at our Annual General Meeting, applying to become a Board Member and voting on electing Board members to help guide our business.

We’re all in this together

For just a one-time $27 investment, Peninsula Co-op members not only earn rebates on liquor, food, and fuel, but also contribute to making significant local impact on Vancouver Island. The Co-op donates nearly half a million dollars annually to local charities, ensuring all profits stay in our community.

Membership FAQ

Peninsula Co-op and it’s subsidiary The Liquor Co. 1977 have locations in Greater Victoria, Mill Bay, Duncan, Nanaimo, Comox, and Campbell River. Although all Co-op’s operate under the same principles, there are several independent member-owned and operated Co-op’s across Vancouver Island, each requiring their own membership number. Click here for a full list of locations that your Peninsula Co-op membership number can be used at.

Every time you use your Peninsula Co-op member number, your purchases are recorded and totaled at the end of the year and go towards the calculation of your annual rebate.

No. Everyone is welcome to shop at any Peninsula Co-op locations across Western Canada. However, members are owners who help guide the business and benefit from profit-sharing.

Once your application is submitted, you’ll receive a Peninsula Co-op number to use when making purchases at our Fuel and Convenience Centres, Food Centre and Liquor Stores.

Every time you use your Peninsula Co-op member number, your purchases are recorded and totaled at the end of the year and go towards the calculation of your annual rebate.

For a one-time $27 investment you receive a lifetime Peninsula Co-op membership. As a member-owner of Peninsula Co-op you immediately begin sharing in the profits of the company. This is one of the best investments you can make! Become a member today.

It’s easy to become a member. Complete a Membership Application at any Peninsula Co-op or The Liquor Co.1977 location, or by completing our online application here.

Fill our change membership information form here

Rebates are paid in December by cheque. Your Co-op’s fiscal year runs from April to March and your rebate includes purchases made during that period.

If you are a new member and you joined Peninsula Co-op after March 31st of this year, your first rebate will be paid in December of next year.

Mail delivery times may vary and your cheque may take longer to get to you. If you have not received your cheque by the end of January, please email us at Cheques will not be re-issued before that time.

Anyone 16 years of age or older can apply to become a member.

Because you’re buying a share in a business, your Social Insurance Number is required under Canada’s Income Tax Act.

Canada Revenue Agency requires a 15% withholding tax for patronage allocations over $100.

Purchases for personal use are not taxable and the tax withheld can be claimed back using box 22 of your T4A.

T4As are mailed separately and are issued early in the calendar year to those who received a total allocation over $100.

Call 250-652-5752 or 1-877-652-5752 or mail with the information attached about the error so we can correct your record.

TIP: Create a contact in your mobile phone called “Peninsula Co-op” and include your member number for easy reference. Or, ask for a window decal at a gas centre to put on your car window so it’s easily visible.

To transfer an existing membership to another person, business or organization; complete the Application for Transfer of Equity form and supply all required documentation listed on the form.

If you have moved out of Peninsula Co-op’s trading area you cannot transfer your membership to a different Co-op, as each Co-op maintains their own membership list.

To close your membership simply complete the Application for Withdrawal of Equity.


Yes! You can become a member of as many Co-op associations as you wish.

Of course! The process is exactly the same, either online or at one of our sites. You will need the person’s first and last name, address, phone number and social insurance number (the new member can phone us with their social insurance number).

Rebates are issued based on your yearly spending within the fiscal year (April to March), and are distributed in December. If your rebate exceeds $20, you’ll receive a cashable cheque. Rebates under $20 are added to your membership shares. The allocation between cash and shares is decided annually by the Board of Directors, based on the Co-op’s financial health.

It’s essential to cash any issued cheques within six months; past this period, they become stale-dated and non-depositable, with the funds then allocated back to your membership shares.

  1. Incorrect Address: If you’ve moved and the Co-op has an outdated address, they won’t send out a rebate.

  2. Membership Start Date: Rebates are issued in December for expenditures from the previous fiscal year (April to March). If you joined after March, your first rebate would come the following December.

  3. Rebate Amount: Peninsula Co-op only issues cheques for rebates over $20. Rebates under this amount are added to your membership shares. To qualify for a rebate cheque over $20, you’d need to spend approximately $790 on fuel or $550 on groceries or liquor per fiscal year.